Relationship Problems?
Don't Settle.

You can have the passionate, playful relationship you want.

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I’m Dr. Roz

There’s a life you want to build.  Peace that needs to be restored.  Joy you’re yearning to wake up next to. Life that makes you feel more connected to God.

Don’t settle another day. Yes, you can have that playful relationship you want, prevent divorce, and keep your family together. 

If you’ve had to deal with the loss of a relationship and want to just “get over it” but you can’t, let’s get clarity, get healing, and dump all that baggage.  Before you make another coffee-date, get yourself ready for a whole, healthy God-centered relationship.  

I help individuals and couples to build a better relationship. First with yourself.

At the end of the day, the types of relationships you’re in say a lot about you. For better or worse, you have to be happy with the relationship with yourself.  Then you can attract and keep healthy, happy relationships with everybody else.  I provide individual and couples counseling in Laurel,Mississippi and online to residents of Mississippi and Texas. 

Couples Counseling

Learn a research-based approach to strengthen or repair your relationship. Dr. Ashford is level three trained in Gottman Method Couples Counseling, an internationally recognized framework to understand the art and science of love and relationships and has advanced training to treat infidelity and PTSD.

Who it’s for:
Couples who are currently experiencing any level of relationship distress, desire to learn better ways to communicate, reduce conflicts, process old baggage and fights, or recover from an affair.  

What’s included:

An intensive 3-part couples assessment to get to the root of your relationship issues so we don’t waste time fixing stuff that’s not broken. 

Session One: You and your partner meet to explore how the history of your relationship and the way you handle conflicts may be influencing current issues. 90 minutes.

Session Two: You and your partner will complete an online assessment and schedule an individual session to explore your roles in relationship success and distress. 45 minutes per person.

Session Three: How do you compare to successful couples we’ve studied who know how to make their relationships work? Find out here in the feedback session. Get my report on the findings including overall relationship strengths and opportunities with a plan to build a sound relationship. 90 minutes.

Counseling Sessions: Learn tons of interventions and go home with practical resources for better listening, friendship, managing conflicts, getting your needs met, and building intimacy. 60-90 minutes.

Affair Recovery includes not only helping to rebuild your relationship, but also create immunity from future betrayals. You’ll learn tools needed to create trust and commitment in love relationships.

Breakup Recovery

Rebuild your life after a breakup or divorce, finally move on, and feel good about it.

Who it’s for:
Individuals who have experienced a breakup, separation, or divorce and want to live happily single while peeling back the layers of the breakup so history doesn’t repeat itself.  Also for those who want to develop a healthy co-parenting relationship with their ex.

What’s included: 

Session One: Assess and explore how the ending of a relationship is causing conflicts and keeping you stuck in a rut.  50-60 minutes. 

Session Two: Build a personalized game plan to deal with loneliness, confusion about your future and family, anger, worry, fears, and sadness. 60 minutes. 

Counseling Sessions: Learn exactly how to reinvent yourself after the loss of a relationship. Yes, there’s homework. 60 minutes. 

Individual Counseling

Live in peace, sort through old trauma, and break-free. Find your true abundance.

Who it’s for:
Older adolescents (16 and up) and adults.

What’s included:
Full assessment and individual sessions. 60 minutes.

Special Areas of Interest: 

  • Parenting
  • Depression
  • Grief

Unprocessed Childhood Trauma
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Spiritual Development
Suicidal Thoughts
Anger Management
Weight Control

what to expect?

1. Schedule a Phone Consultation

Fifteen minutes can save you tons of money on car insurance AND give you a chance to explore your concerns with no obligation to move forward. I’ll answer as many questions as possible. 

2. Complete an Assessment

If we were fixing a broken leg, you’d need the x-ray first.  But we’re mending the heart and brain, so you still need a x-ray. It’s the only way to determine how to help. So no, we can’t skip it and just dive into “fixing your life” (pun intended). 

3. Turn Lemons into Lemonade

Counseling is where victims become survivors and anger finds peace. Where the pain of the past meets the promise of a hopeful future. Your greatest purpose. And confusion becomes clarity. Welcome the process and meet a transformed you.